Hello, my name is Leah Salter. For the last twenty-five years, I have been an active interior designer and home stylist, and, therefore, I am very familiar with the idea of designing and mixing and matching different materials.  

During the Covid epidemic, as with many other people, my business slowed down. Over the years, my client base has largely consisted of people from abroad who have bought a property in Israel and who have required my services as an interior designer, but because of the many restrictions have been unable to travel. As a result, I came to the conclusion that I should widen my artistic abilities and have therefore moved into the amazing world of flowers and home accessories while continuing my work as an interior designer.

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 I love combining these two trades and love making people happy, by adding nature, color, vitality, joy, and even beautiful scents to their lives, either in their homes or for small events- smachot, events for organizations, and businesses.

All fresh flowers which I buy directly from flower farmers and by using beautiful textiles, glassware, ceramic and wooden vessels. Now, every morning, I get up with a sense of excitement and joy at the thought of working with the beauty of nature and with exciting man-made objects.

Caring for my flowers is as important to me as taking care of my clients and their requirements. Let me start bringing your dreams to life with beautiful and original items for the home!

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 SUCCOT offer: 

Order a flower arrangement  worth over 170 shekel, get a FLORAL DESIGN TABLECLOTH just for 99 shekel(250 cm length)  

  Offer is subject to stock . valid between 28.9.22-7.10.22 

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Leave your information below and I will get back to you to complete your unique order. If you're not sure what you want exactly, visit the gallery for inspiration.

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